Our Belief

Agape— love. Philoxenia— the love of strangers, an eagerness to receive guests & the generosity of spirit. This is Elaia, the Olive Tree; the foundation from which we create. From the tree, which creates the olives, comes the oil, and from the oil we enhance our food, an expression of the Greek way of eating. We bring a taste of Greece to the heart of the Hamptons. Our food is sourced daily.  We believe wine and food pair together like bread and cheese. Life should be delicious and so should your food. We bring together the regions of Greece as a merging of concepts, traditions, and a connection to our roots. Our history is deep and our offerings authentic. We’ve taken our recipes and woven them into the story that is your meal. To dine with us is to dine with family. Come inside and gather. Eat, drink, and be our guest.